Saturday, April 21, 2007

Letting Go

I have been learning the lesson of letting go, again. I keep thinking one day that i might make progress in this area but like those people who wandered in the desert for 40 years-they just never got it and that scares me. I like to have stability, predictability, make your plan-do the plan especially in my workplace- I actually like a lot more spontaneity at home,weird huh. I have been in a tough time of testing.I don't like being in the hot fire and that's where I am, I complain, get sad,angry, blame people, pray for wisdom and grace, most of all try to understand why my perspective gets so screwed up.My stress level shows up in 2 ways: I forget conversations from minutes earlier as my brain can process no more and I get severe stomach issues-most call it ulcers. I have come out of these episodes a few times now and look back to see what I learned about myself-and the God i love.

Well He is constant-I am not, thank goodness God loves me all screwed up along with the most awesome wife and 2 sons. They know my flaws and hang ups and still like me for the most part.

I have been thinking about Daniel, from the OT in the Bible. This guy worked for his God and not others, did things for others, was respected and successful-in fact some hated his honesty and character.You know I love how he kept praying to the God of Israel even though he knew it might cost him his life. Being thrown into the furnace will get your attention and yet he lived and came out even more dedicated to give God glory! May it be so with me today, I give glory to my God!


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